Ukraine: the Chief of the UN calls for an investigation in Bucha

Healthcare facility in Irpin Healthcare facility in Irpin ICRC

7 April 2022

The UN relief chief Martin Griffiths calls for an immediate investigation after seeing the atrocities committed in Bucha and Irpin

On 1 April 2022 horrifying images and videos of the city of Bucha were disclosed, uncovering the abuses on Ukrainian civilians perpetrated by Russian Forces. When the citizens were able to leave their houses, once the Russian Army had left the city, dozens of civilians’ dead bodies lying on the streets and apartments destroyed were discovered. Hence, the international community is calling for an investigation in order to ensure “effective accountability”, as affirmed by the UN Secretary-General.

Last week, Martin Griffiths, UN relief chief, visited the city of Bucha where he spoke to the Ukrainian Prime Minister and other officials, affirming the urge to establish a humanitarian halt, as well as a safe passage for citizens and humanitarian aid. On this occasion, the UN relief chief reaffirmed the engagement of the UN in the protection of civilians and restated the importance of the International and humanitarian Organizations in assisting the population affected by the current conflict. Currently, it has been estimated that more than 10 million people have been displaced since the war has begun, of which more than 4 million have fled from Ukraine as refugees in neighbouring countries. To make things worse, most of the Russian attacks have hit healthcare facilities, causing the death of 73 civilians. 

Due to the critical situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) commitment to support the Ukrainian population has been considered crucial, planning the allocation of its workers across the country. 

At the moment, the international community is calling for the end of all violence and condemns war crimes against civilians committed by the Russian Army, which have led the UN Security Council to meet last week to discuss about the current issues.


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Author: Alexia Tenneriello; Editor: Sara Gorelli

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