Ukraine: the UN assists in the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol

 Woman in her damaged house in Mariupol Woman in her damaged house in Mariupol UNICEF/Evgeniy Maloletka

30 April 2022

The United Nations is currently working hard to support civilians evacuating from the destroyed city of Mariupol in Ukraine

On Friday 29 of April, while the United Nations was assisting the population in the evacuation from Mariupol, the Ukrainian government accused Russia of bombing Kyiv the day before, while the Secretary-General of the organization was visiting the city. The situation is extremely dramatic, as the mayor of Mariupol said: “There, it’s not a matter of days. It’s a matter of hours.”

In the meantime, Ukrainian forces are fighting to counter the Russian advance in the southern and eastern part of the country where there is the main objective of Putin, which is the Donbass region. Unfortunately, civilians in Mariupol and Donbass are not the only target of the Russian forces; on the 28 of April a missile was launched in the capitol Kyiv, destroying a residential building. To make things worse, this attack happened shortly after the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was in the city with the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres.

Concerning then the situation in Mariupol, around 100,000 people were reported to be stuck in the bombed city, with little food, water, or medicine. At the Azovstal steel mill in the same city, an estimated 2,000 Ukrainian defenders and 1,000 civilians were supported and protected from bombings in bunkers. The United Nations is doing everything possible to rescue Ukrainian civilians and, as UN spokesman Farhan Haq said, the organization is continuously negotiating with Russian authorities to create safe humanitarian corridors.


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Author: Alexia Tenneriello; Editor: Sara Gorelli

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