Who We Are

Established within the Italian National Association for Civilian Victims of War (ANVCG), L’Osservatorio is a research center that brings to public attention the consequences of conflicts on civilians. Against this backdrop, L’Osservatorio aims to document mass human rights violations, to archive individual and collective memory, to protect and promote the rights of the victims, and to prevent the repetition of such abuses in the future. On weekly basis, we provide updates on ongoing conflicts and their impact on civilians involved in wars.

We are a group of volunteers keen on human rights defense in armed conflict. We are human rights and international relations experts, editors and translators, all volunteers working from different countries. We have an office in Rome, in ANVCG headquarters.



Program Manager & Advocacy Specialist: Sara Gorelli

Social Media Manager: Jasmine Labed

Contributors (in alphabetical order):
Ignazio Alcamo, Alessia Bertola, Barbara Caltabiano, Matteo Consiglio, Sergio Gomez, Gianmarco Italia, Laura Maschio, Nicole Piusienski, Amalia Ranieri, Viola Rubeca, Alexia Tenneriello, Federica Tognolli.

We are always happy to have new contributors and volunteers on board. Are you keen on the defense of human rights in conflicts, a writing lover, and curious? Maybe our next volunteer could be you! Write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..