Six years on, the Syrian massacre continues

An abandoned Syrian flag; it's people search for hope An abandoned Syrian flag; it's people search for hope Reuters

25 October 2017
On the 8th of March 2011 the Syrian war began, and has since become a worldwide issue, leaving over 465,000 Syrians missing and dead.

What had started off as a peaceful protest in March 2011 against the repressive regime of President Bashar al-Assad has led the world to its largest refugee crisis since World War II. Over 465,000 Syrians have gone missing or have been found dead in the past six years.

The Bashar al-Assad government has killed over 83,500 of its civilians with its ally, Russia. Additionally, the Islamic State jihadist group has murdered over 3,700 Syrians. Furthermore, the United States has been working with the Syrian Democratic Forces, leaving an estimated 920 dead Syrian citizens. In total, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has recorded over 321,000 deaths and 145,000 Syrians missing, since March 2011.

In September 2017, Syria witnessed one of its deadliest massacres this year, with a record 3000 casualties, 955 of them Syrian civilians and of those civilians, 207 children. The regime of al-Assad and Russia are responsible for 70% of these assassinations. Together they have been performing airstrikes on Syrian land, while the international coalition has been striking back with air raids. However, this has not delayed President Bashar al-Assad’s plans for committing further destruction. Moreover, he has been in a battle to gain control of the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, which is currently under the control of ISIS. The international coalition, led by the United States, and the Syrian Democratic Forces are also in Deir Ezzor, battling against the jihadists. The recurrence of these battles in Syrian land is increasing fatalities, as well as causing many Syrians to flee its borders without having suitable land for them to live on. Other deaths during the month of September include 790 al-Assad troops and loyalists, 738 jihadists from ISIS or Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and 550 rebels and Syrian Democratic Forces members. Due to such great rivalries within Syria, millions of people have been left without homes and families, causing them to cry out for help to the world.


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