UN Security Council on Ukraine crisis: no alternative to diplomacy

The fence of a construction site in Kyiv as a symbol of Ukrainian patriotism The fence of a construction site in Kyiv as a symbol of Ukrainian patriotism Tina Hartung on Unsplash

31 January 2022

The intervention of Ms. DiCarlo fostered the use of dialogue and diplomacy to strengthen security and bring the Ukrainian crisis to an end

There have been tensions between Russian and US envoys during the UN Security Council’s meeting held to discuss solutions to the Ukrainian crisis. According to the US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the mobilization of troops is the biggest Europe has seen in decades. On the other side, the Russian counterpart accused the US of stoking hysteria and interfering in Moscow’s affairs.

Over the past few weeks, Russia has reportedly deployed more than 100,000 troops and heavy weapons along its border with Ukraine. In addition, unspecified numbers of Russian troops and weaponry are being deployed in Belarus. NATO alliance forces are also planning further deployments in Eastern Europe. “There can be no alternative to diplomacy and dialogue”, said the Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Rosemary A. DiCarlo. "Any military intervention involving Russia or NATO members must be averted", she added, as the incursion by one State on another’s territory would breach international law as well as the United Nations Charter.  Since the outbreak of the conflict – which took place shortly after Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014 – more than 14,000 people have been killed, including approximately 3,000 civilians, more than 7,000 others have been injured, and some 1.5 million have been internally displaced.

As reported by Amnesty International, the consequences of another escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine are likely to be devastating, especially in terms of human rights, which are already at stake. Furthermore, the risk of a potential refugee crisis may be aggravated due to the fact that Ukraine is also the destination for those seeking protection when fleeing from Russia, Belarus and Central Asian countries. UN agencies will keep operating in Ukraine to guarantee safe and unimpeded humanitarian access under all circumstances, and to provide support to 2.9 million people in need of assistance.


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Author: Antonella Candiago; Editor: Xavier Atkins

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