Sudan’s peace transition requires inclusiveness

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09 March 2021

Sudan’s transitional government was established in February, but peace transition requires inclusiveness

During a virtual meeting of the Security Council on Tuesday, 9 March, Volker Perthes, the Special Representative for Sudan, and head of the new United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), announced that the peace transition is moving forward, although other important milestones for the peace process are yet to be achieved.

The democratic transition in the country began in April 2019, with the overthrow of President Omar Al-Bashir. In October 2020, the Sudanese authorities concluded a peace agreement with the armed groups from Darfur, leading to the creation of a new transitional government in February, established on the idea of power-sharing between civilians, the military, and the armed groups. UNITAMS is the new mission of the United Nations (UN) dedicated to supporting the transition towards democratic government, protecting civilians, promoting human rights and mobilizing economic assistance. The mission follows on from the joint UN-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), which ended in December and is expected to withdraw its troops by 30 June 2021.

The new government has agreed on national priorities such as the line of action to implement the peace agreement, to address pressing socio-economic issues and to reform the security sector. Despite these signs of progress, the formation of the Transitional Legislative Council has not yet been achieved, causing disappointment among women as they are expected to occupy 40 percent of the 300 seats in the Council. During the briefing, Mr. Perthes has expressed the frustration felt by the youth because of the lack of representation of their category in the current political asset. Considering this, the Special Representative has called for the inclusion of all segments of Sudan’s society in the political process to achieve a successful democratic transition.

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Author:Carla Leonetti; Editor: Francesca Mencuccini

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