One child killed, three injured from old ordnance in Aleppo city

 Aleppo, Syria Aleppo, Syria Photo by Essa Mhmad on Unsplash

09 March 2021

Explosion of old ordnance left over from the war in al-Muyassar neighbourhood in Aleppo injures four children, with one subsequently dying

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has reported that four children were injured from the explosion of an old ordnance left over from the war in Syrian regime-held areas in Aleppo. One of the four children subsequently died from the injuries he sustained.

Landmines, unexploded bombs, and the collapsing of war-damaged residential buildings reportedly continue to cause fatalities in various Syrian areas and cities such as Homs, Hama Deir Ezzor, Aleppo, and southern Syria. The 9 March incident is not an isolated case. On March 7, the SOHR documented the death of 18 people, including children and at least ten women, as a result of two successive left over landmines from the war in Wadi al-Azeeb, an area in the eastern countryside of Hama. The official SANA news agency said that all those killed were civilians.

Since January 2019, the SOHR has documented some 470 fatalities, including 72 women and 146 children. Of these 470 fatalities, 112 people were reportedly killed while searching for and collecting “Syrian wild truffles”, which offer both a source of food and income to people who have had their lives uprooted by a decade of brutal conflict. The UN estimates that more than 10 million people live in areas contaminated by explosive hazards. Civilians’ lives remain at risk, even in areas where the war has subsided.


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Author: Tan Zhong Chen; Editor: Xavier Atkins

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