Displacement continues in Northern Mozambique

Displaced people in Cabo Delgado’s capital, Pemba Displaced people in Cabo Delgado’s capital, Pemba OCHA / Sergio Dinoi

27 November 2020 

Violence in Cabo Delgado have been causing massive displacement since the beginning of 2020 and the situation is not improving

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) expressed deep concern about the ongoing massive displacement of civilians in Northern Mozambique. The province of Cabo Delgado has been experiencing a three-year-long conflict between government forces and armed groups, resulting in more than 2.000 people killed and more than 300.000 civilians displaced. 

Since the beginning of the conflict, Mozambique’s authorities have failed to hold accountable all those who allegedly committed war crimes and human rights violations. As the conflict is still ongoing, civilians are forced to flee. In November, according to the IOM, more than 45.000 people left Northern Mozambique to escape violence, the majority of them being women and children. 

The IOM has been providing direct assistance to the displaced and it has been collecting data on displacement in order to share it with humanitarian organizations, working in close cooperation with the United Nations and the government of Mozambique. However, the humanitarian situation is alarming and these people need further assistance, many of them being in areas which are difficult to reach due to security concerns. 


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Author: Margherita Curti; Editor: Matteo Consiglio

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