Companies and human rights

A seminar on companies and human rights will take place on February 16 in Bologna. We will analyze the possibility of strengthening existing norms to introduce/implement elements of civil, penal and administrative responsibility on human rights.

Specifically, talks will address ways to reach this objective through “a new national law” or “a more efficient implementation of an already existing law”. Lawyer Sandra Cossart (Sherpa Francia) and Giosuè De Salvo (Mani Tese) will intervene to discuss, respectively, about a possible Italian law on the “duty of vigilance” based on the French experience, and on the extension and enforcement of provisions linked to the issue of business & human rights already provided for by Law 231 on the administrative responsibility of companies and institutions. The latter will be addressed by Professor Marco Scoletta (Università degli studi di Milano).

The instruments that the government, the Parliament and the judiciary have available to prevent, sanction and remedy human rights abuses will be explored, together with those aimed at incentivizing their respect and promotion.

As it is clear, the seminar will address key issues, but in addition to content it will also deal with the method and process necessary to make whatever path will be undertaken successful and popular.

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