Two years from the adoption of the UN Action Agenda: where we are and what is still needed on internal displacement

Internally displaced family leaving conflict zone in Syria to look for a safer place within the borders Internally displaced family leaving conflict zone in Syria to look for a safer place within the borders © Mstyslav Chernov via UN News

This article reviews the internal displacement crisis, two years after the UN Action Agenda, assessing progress and identifying ongoing challenges.

24 June 2024 marked the two-year anniversary of the UN Secretary-General’s Action Agenda on Internal Displacement. The Agenda was adopted after 57 member states convened a High-Level Panel to address the urgent need for solutions to internal displacement. While progress has been made, significant challenges remain.

Internal displacement refers to migration within a country’s borders due to conflicts, natural disasters, or generalized violence. There are currently 76 million internally displaced people (IDPs) globally. This urgent issue often goes unnoticed, as it is considered a normal consequence of war and does not involve international border crossings. IDPs remain trapped in their own countries, forced to flee to escape violence and discrimination.

The Action Agenda calls for a new approach to internal displacement, addressing the humanitarian crisis driven by climate change, poverty, famine, and conflicts. It emphasizes greater international engagement and government support. The objectives include finding lasting solutions for IDPs, preventing new displacement crises, and ensuring effective protection and aid.

A Special Adviser on Solutions to Internal Displacement was appointed to enhance UN efforts. Fifteen pilot countries have been selected to develop solutions aligned with international human rights standards, emphasizing a people-centered approach and supporting involved governments.

Despite these improvements, internal displacement continues to rise, increasing from 59 million to 76 million since the Agenda's adoption. Much remains to be done to address this issue, and new steps forward are needed in international cooperation to foster peace, development, and climate action, which are crucial for tackling internal displacement.



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by Arianna Pia Mazzariello


by Arianna Pia Mazzariello


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