With Peace comes Money

With Peace comes Money © Anna Hedlund

In the eastern Congo (DRC) millions of civilians are suffering economic hardships and poverty as a consequence of years of war and violence. One of the major problems in people’s daily life is the lack of money and work opportunities.

For many small scale traders, street vendors and entrepreneurs in the Congo, corruption is a major problem to their own and their families economic growth and stability. Many entrepreneurs share the experience that more than half of their income ends up in the personal pockets of government agents, such as the police, military or state officials. If they don’t pay they face the risk of being subjected to violence. What is a day at work like for these traders and entrepreneurs? What problems do they face? How do market vendors selling vegetables at the local market experience their situation and what problems do they face? This photo reportage share stories from street vendors and local businessmen in Goma, the capital of North Kivu, in order to shed light on how conflict and corruption affect people in their daily life.

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