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06 January 2021

Attacks in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso leave at least 17 children dead in the first week of 2021; Save the Children calls for their protection.

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Friday, 15 January 2021 11:43

The impact of war on children in Africa

05 January 2020

Almost 44,000 people across Africa were reported as missing this year and out of the said number, 45% were children: what happened to them? 

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09 December 2020

Guterres underlines the importance of recognising the warning signs of genocide, and of making perpetrators accountable for their crimes

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01 December 2020

Silencing the Guns: deradicalization and education at the forefront of the PSC of the AU’s 965th meeting on the protection of children in conflict. 

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18 November 2020                     

The European Peace Facility as it stands will fuel further human right abuses, 40 civil society organizations warn

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03 November 2020

Covid-19 has worsened armed conflicts and impeded access to healthcare in conflict-ridden areas

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02 November 2020

Despite significant progress, gender-analysis in conflict areas is not yet seen as a fundamental part of peace-building efforts

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 21 October 2020

According to Save the Children, the ministerial conference on Central Sahel has failed to acknowledge children’s unique needs

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19 October 2020

Along with COVID-19 restrictions, education continues to be hampered by “growing insecurity, repeated displacement, and poverty” in the region

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28 July 2020 

Landmines in the Chad Basin are continuously threatening people’s security, causing a growing number of incidents among civilians

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