13 Civilians Injured in Suicide Bombing Attack in Quetta, Pakistan

Security officials gather at the site of a bomb explosion in Quetta, Pakistan, August 11, 2016. Security officials gather at the site of a bomb explosion in Quetta, Pakistan, August 11, 2016. REUTERS/Naseer Ahmed

11 August 2016
On 11 August  2016, a roadside bombing devastated the city of Quetta in Pakistan wounding over 13 citizens.

This deadly attack occurred just three days after Monday’s suicide bombing where approximately 74 people were killed at the Civil Hospital. Monday’s attack was recorded as one of Pakistan’s deadliest assaults to occur this year. Thursday’s incident further emphasized the eminent danger and recurrence of violent crimes that have targeted groups of people in Quetta.

Three days following Monday’s fatal attack, a roadside bomb was planted and exploded as an Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) vehicle passed by Zarghoon Road. Balochistan Federal Shariat Judge Zahoor Sherwani was in the car during the bombing but left the scene without any serious injuries. Unfortunately however, innocent bystanders and security officials were severely harmed during the assault. It was reported that three policemen and ten civilians suffered casualties. Moreover, about three to four kilograms of explosives were used during this suicide bombing. While Monday’s attack targeted lawyers of the city, it was reported that this bombing was meant for the police.

Those who were injured on Thursday’s attack were taken to Civil Hospital, ironically the same hospital that that was bombed three days earlier. These targeted killings have tragically become quite ubiquitous in Quetta. Therefore, Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti publicly announced a significant increase in security to help prevent any more casualties and acts of violence to occur.


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