Myanmar: updates on a forgotten crisis

A Child in Myanmar A Child in Myanmar Photo by Jesse Schoff via Unsplashed

Two years after the military took power, the humanitarian outlook for Myanmar remains bleak

As reported by OCHA, in the last two years from the military takeover, the humanitarian outlook for Myanmar remains bleak. 
Conflict is raging, public services are in disarray and inflation is having a devastating effect on people’s financial situations.

Almost half of the country’s population is estimated to live in poverty.Humanitarian needs have worsened, and the number of internally displaced people has risen. Despite the country’s dire humanitarian situation, the de facto authorities are limiting the movement of essential goods and humanitarian access throughout many parts of the country, particularly in the north-west. 

According to OCHA website, fighting between the Myanmar Armed Forces and various groups persists across much of the country. More than 660,000 people are estimated to have been newly displaced since the escalation of armed conflict on 27 October. 

The situation remains fluid, with some people having been displaced multiple times and others starting to return home. Currently, 2.6 million people are displaced across Myanmar.

The current volatile situation has resulted in civilian casualties, arbitrary arrests, exploitation, extortion, forced recruitment and forced labour.
Food, safe shelter, hygiene kits, basic health services and protection support remain priorities. There are reports of shortages of essential supplies d in many areas due to commercial and humanitarian transport being blocked. 

Despite insecurity, access, and telecommunication challenges, humanitarian continues to be provided where possible. 
OCHA partners have now reached more than 80 per cent of those displaced in northern Shan.


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