Save The Children: serious educational crisis in Ethiopia

Two children in an Ethiopian village Two children in an Ethiopian village Fabio Mondelli / Pixabay

According to the latest report by the Ethiopia Education Cluster, formed by the Ministry of Education, Save The Children and UNICEF, more than 3.5 million children in Ethiopia do not attend school.

Despite last November’s peace agreement ending two years of conflict, the reconstruction of school buildings destroyed or damaged by the clashes has not yet begun and prevents children from continuing their studies. According to the report of the Ethiopia Education Cluster, in the most affected areas by the conflict (Tigray, Ahmara, Afar and Northern Ethiopia), school buildings have suffered massive damage. About 1.3 million children cannot attend school in the North of the country. 

The data show that one of the most serious educational crises in the world is underway in Ethiopia. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the conflict, 2.3 million children did not attend school for three years, while 22,500 teachers did not receive a salary for about two years. The impossibility of continuing education exposes children and young people to the risk of exploitation, sexual violence, child labour and early marriage.

Xavier Joubert, Director of Save The Children in Ethiopia, said that "the current humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia is one of the worst in recent memory". The intertwining of conflict, famine and the consequences of the climate crisis has forced the majority of the population to leave their homes. Although Save The Children offers children the opportunity to have safe places to play and study, the funds allocated are not enough to ensure the reconstruction of schools and the inclusion of all children in the education system.

For this reason, Save the Children has called on the United Nations and the international community as a whole to increase funding. According to the organisation’s estimates at least 3.26 billion dollars are needed to counter the ongoing humanitarian and educational crisis.


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by Amalia Ranieri 

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