Russian missile attacks against Ukraine continue

Abandoned Ukrainian houses without electricity Abandoned Ukrainian houses without electricity Pixabay

5 December

A further missile wave puts Ukraine and its citizens in serious crisis

During a regular press briefing in New York, UN spokesperson Stéphanie Tremblay reported that,  according to the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs OCHA, further missile attacks planned by Russia have put several regions of Ukraine and its citizens in serious crisis. Because of these clashes, the country’s energy system was drastically damaged, leaving 40% of the Kiev region without electricity.

The spokesperson also explains that the damage has caused further problems with water supply and heating system, as can be observed in both Odesa and Dnipro. In these latter, millions of people are without electricity, heating and water, while the winter season has now arrived and temperatures have dropped drastically below zero. The continuing Russian attacks are currently endangering the survival of citizens and front-line civilians who are easily frozen. 

During the conference, Stéphanie Tremblay also reported that international humanitarian aid has not stopped, stating that humanitarian workers continue to provide support through the supply of temporary heating points, generators and other essential services. In particular, he confirmed that 400 generators and other appliances have been distributed so far, as well as 10 trucks loaded with winter heavy clothing, household items and essential supplies such as sanitary and hygienic kits. In addition, the World Food Programme (WFP) has provided timely life-saving assistance through, for example, the distribution of food and money to nearly 2.8 million Ukrainian civilians.


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By Alessia Bertola

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