Palestine: need to restore calm in occupied West Bank

Children on a destroyed house in Palestine. Children on a destroyed house in Palestine. © UNOCHA

28 October 2022

The International Community must support Israel and Palestine in the restoration of calm in the occupied territories in the West Bank.

On the 28th of October, the United Nations reported the need for urgent support in the restoration of stability in the West Bank area among Israel and Palestine. The declaration was supported by the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, who reported at the Security Council that at the beginning of last week, during the escalation of the conflict, a raid of the Israeli security forces (ISF) caused the dead of five Palestinian and wounded 21. Moreover, referring to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the governing body of West Bank, he appealed for “economic support and political space to fully exercise its authority, including security, in areas under its control.”

Furthermore, referring to the 32 Palestinians, including children, killed by the Israeli Security Forces during demonstrations, clashes or attacks in the last period, Mr. Wennesland underlined the urgency of the situation and the “reversed negative trend that is currently on the ground”. In his statement, he also focused on the consequences on the youngest ones, which are part of the most vulnerable category during armed conflicts and, unfortunately, in the last attacks by Israeli Forces, they were also one the main target among civilians. “I am appalled that children continue to be the victims of violence. Children must never be targets of violence or put in harm’s way” Tor Wennesland stated. 

Overall, the situation in the area seems to be worsening day by day with extremely bad consequences on the civilian population; however, the UN is continuing to put all possible effort to support both parties in the resolution of the conflict and in the restoration of peace.

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by Alexia Tenneriello

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