Life and hopes of Syrian refugees at the Za’atari camp, Jordan

Syrian flag in Idlib Syrian flag in Idlib Ahmed akacha on Pexels

11 September 2022

In 2022, the UN-run Za’atari camp had its 10th anniversary, it hosts around 80,000 Syrians: all of them are still expecting changes for the future.

The UN reported several stories about refugees’ lives, that even though are living in safe conditions at the camp, are still longing to return lawfully to their home country.

Adil Toukan came to Za'atari camp from al-Sanamayin (Syria) in 2013 with his wife and two young children. Since then, he and his wife have had three more children, who know nothing about their home country. "We want our children to have a better life than us," Toukan says.

Qassim Lubbad, from Daraa governorate, came to Jordan with five children and had three in the camp. When they ask, “What is Syria?” he explains that a war broke out, and they came to the camp to be safe but when they ask about the future, he tells them that everything is in God’s hands, no planning it's possible, just hope.

More than 20,000 births have been registered in Za'atari since it opened a decade ago. An entire generation of children has grown up there, and the camp has become their world, some never left its perimeter and are deeply dependent on services provided inside.

Two children, who spent their childhood there, were interviewed; they both have big dreams and expectations: to become a policewoman to serve her people, and to become a doctor to pursue a better and more passionate life.


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by Viola Rubeca

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