Hundreds of killings across Nigeria call for military states intervention

Protesters walking around the city of Port Harcourt Protesters walking around the city of Port Harcourt Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

24 January 2022

Nigeria: about 486 people killed in attacks perpetrated by mainly non-state actors

On 23 January, the Premium Times reported that at least 486 people across Nigeria were killed in the first three weeks of 2022 - about 22 people per day. Yet, the number of deaths might be even higher since the information is based on media reports only. Non-state actors operating across Nigeria and - in particular terror groups that have terrorized the North-West and North-central zones for considerable time - are held responsible for the killings.

The Niger States Governor, Sani Bello, stated that in the first three weeks of 2022 around 220 people, mostly unarmed civilians, were killed in his state. In the first week of the current  year alone, 216 people were killed by armed persons. In the second week, an additional 37 people were killed by non-state actors. In the third week, at least 13 people were killed. It was further reported that armed persons invaded several settlements. Also other states experienced similar large-scale killings.

Following these attacks, the Niger State President Buhari ordered major military operations and increased cooperation with all states of the country including the bombardment of the enclaves in Gusami Forest and Tsamre Village in Birnin Magaji LGA, which, according to the Nigeria Air Force, resulted in the  death of two top leaders of the armed groups targeting the North-west region. 


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Author: Pietro Mattioli


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