New attack in Nigeria: 80 students abducted

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17 June 2021

In less than a month, Nigerian schools have been massively attacked three times.

One police officer has been killed and 80 students with 5 teachers have been abducted from a school in northwestern Nigeria. The attack occurred in Kebbi State, in the remote town of Birnin Yauri. Over the past month, armed attackers have already massively assaulted schools three times in Nigeria. Bandits seeking ransom payments are considered to be responsible for this barbaric common practice.

According to a teacher at the abovementioned school, after killing one of the police officers, the attackers broke through the gate and went straight to the students’ class, abducting 80 students, most of whom were girls. The policeman was killed during an exchange of fire between the police and the gunmen, which has also involved a child, who is currently receiving medical treatment. Following the attack, security forces were searching a nearby forest for the students and teachers, but were unsuccessful. Witnesses reported a scene filled with chaos and confusion as police and locals were searching for the kidnapped.

Since December 2020, around 700 hundred people have been abducted in Nigeria, many of whom are school children. Despite Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari repeatedly stated that the government is working hard to bring an end to these horrific incidents of kidnappings, violence and mass kidnapping still happen - and even more worryingly - these become more and more recurring, with schools being targeted roughly every three weeks.  frustration remains for all those who are still held in captivity. In addition, as a consequence, schools are gradually been closed, while parents fear for the safety of their children there, which is one of the causes for 10 million children being already out of school.




Author: Barbara Caltabiano

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