ISIL/ISIS Double Suicide Bombings Killed 47 People

Deadly attacks claimed by ISIS in Yemen Deadly attacks claimed by ISIS in Yemen Hani Mohammed/AP

16 May 2016
Islamic State claims responsibility for attacks targeting security chief and new police recruits in southern Yemen.

At least 47 people were killed and 51 injured from multiple bombings in the Hadhramaut region on the southern coast of Yemen. Both Sunday, May 15 attacks, which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for, happened in the coastal city of Mukalla. The first attack targeted police recruits lining up outside a police centre in Mukalla. The suicide bomber detonated his vest as he joined the line of recruits. The blast killed at least 41 and injured 50 more. The second bombing targeted the security chief of Mukalla, General Mubarak al-Oubthani, as he headed towards another district. The attack killed 6 of his security and left him with injuries. Violence has been prolific throughout Yemen since the civil war began in March 2015. Last year, Yemen was the second worst affected country from explosive violence with 6286 civilian deaths and injuries recorded.

The attack on the recruits, who were queueing to register at the police headquarters in the Fowa camp in the south of the city, is the second fatal suicide bombing in four days in Mukalla. In the past year, the Islamic State became enmeshed in the conflict after launching a series of suicide attacks against all parties in the civil war. After Yemen’s government was overthrown by the country’s Shia Houthi movement, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf states launched military interventions to stop the growth of the movement.

Last week the United States announced that it would be deploying a small number of troops to the country.


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