Myanmar, local explosion injures two people

Local villager in Kaw Nweh, Myanmar Local villager in Kaw Nweh, Myanmar Photo by Clive Kim on Pexels

02 April 2021 

A round of detonations in Kaw Nweh village increases the concerns of human rights violations in the area.

 Tragedy struck at Kaw Nweh village in the Dooplaya District of Myanmar. Sadly, in the late hours of March 26th, mortar shell rounds were fired at the villagers’ houses. The “Tatmadaw” (official armed forces of Myanmar) have stated that the attack was a “successful military operation against restive ethnic territories that are resisting the authority of the military junta.” 

The Tatmadaw’s attacks have left many civilian casualties in the last months. In this latest attack, one of the mortar shells exploded in close proximity to a local home where an adult man and his five year old son were residing, with both suffering considerable wounds to their arms and legs. After the armed forces left the area, the Dooplaya district emergency unit arrived on the scene and transported both victims to the nearest hospital to treat their wounds. 

Luckily, in the early hours of the next morning, both the father and son were discharged from the hospital and were able to return to Kaw Nweh. As they recover from their injuries, they will have to deal with the difficulty of repairing their home, which sustained significant damage. The entire village is now at a frightened standstill with the threat of further attacks a lingering presence. The situation is so dire that some villages have been forced to dig holes under their houses in hopes of taking cover whenever other shelling or shootouts occur.

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Author: Sergio Gomez; Editor: Xavier Atkins

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