Increasing number of refugees from Ethiopia arriving in South Sudan

View of a refugee camp at sunset View of a refugee camp at sunset Photo by Petterik Wiggers/Hollandse Hoogte on Albumarium

06 January 2021

Thousands of people continue to flee to Sudan due to the ongoing conflict in the Tigray region

The refugee crisis in Sudan has resulted in the last few days in an intensification of interventions by humanitarian organisations, including the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in collaboration with the Sudanese authorities.

Measures taken to address the humanitarian emergency in the country entail the relocation of some 20,000 refugees to a newly opened camp, due to overcrowding in the Um Rakuba camp.

The Tigray region is the northernmost region of Ethiopia, bordering East Sudan to the west. In the last two months, the region has been a battleground between its ruling party (the Tigray People's Liberation Front-TPLF) and the federal government. These tensions have forced more than 60,000 people to flee across the borders, taking refuge in eastern Sudan. The conflict is severely affecting women and children, who are subjected to abuse and violence. In light of this, protection services have been intensified and measures have been taken to address the COVID-19 emergency, including the improvement of sanitation conditions within the reception areas.

Although Sudan is continuing to receive refugees, the UNHCR requested further support from government authorities. In particular, in order to ensure the sustainability of emergency management projects, more funds were requested than those committed so far, amounting to $40 million but covering only 37% of the funds requested.

In addition, the IRC called on the parties involved in the conflict to agree to a ceasefire and to ensure the protection of civilians and humanitarian personnel.


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Author: Francesca Mencuccini; Editor: Carla Leonetti

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