UNAMA: increasing civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Peace talks in Doha, Qatar, 21 September 2020 Afghanistan Peace talks in Doha, Qatar, 21 September 2020 Ibraheem Al Omari/Reuters

21 September 2020

Doha peace talks proceed slowly despite increasing civilian casualties in Afghanistan

On 20 September, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) made a statement dedicated to its concern over the increasing number of civilian casualties. 

UNAMA reported that at least 20 civilians were killed and 39 wounded in four separate incidents on the 19 September. Despite these numbers being at a lower level than in recent years, UNAMA urged parties to take “immediate action” to protect them. 

On 21 September, at least 57 members of the Afgan security forces were killed when Taliban fighters attacked security checkpoints. On the same day, peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government in Doha began. The talks are aimed at creating a “power-sharing” government that would end the decades of war in Afghanistan. However, so far, peace talks are continuing at a slow pace. Parties are still at strong disagreements over contentious issues such as a ceasefire and the new form of government.  


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Author: Catherine Gregoire

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