Israeli Forces Deport Palestinian Girl, Not Informing Parents

The Erez Crossing to the Gaza Strip The Erez Crossing to the Gaza Strip Eliyahu Hershkovitz

23 February 2018
14-year-old girl was picked up by Israeli authorities in Al-Ram in the West Bank and deported without telling her parents.

A lawyer representing 14-year-old Ghada Ibrahim has disclosed that she was picked up by Israeli authorities in the West Bank town of Al-Ram. At the time of her arrest, she was on a bus while begging for money. Three days later the authorities sent her to the Gaza Strip by way of the Erez border crossing. According to her lawyer, she was arrested because she “lacked permission” to live in the Israeli-occupied town.

According to her lawyer “After three days in detention, she was told that she would be released at the Kalandia border crossing which is close to her town.” Instead however, she was sent to the Erez border crossing which links Israel to the Gaza Strip. The alleged deportation was described as “a violation of her most basic rights as a child.” Despite living with her parents in the West Bank, she was released on bail and taken to the Gaza Strip because it was listed in Civil Administration records as her father’s place of residence.  

After she was arrested, she was taken to a police station in East Jerusalem, her cellular telephone was taken from her and she was appointed a lawyer to defend her. Despite her protests, the Coordinator of Government Activities in Territories (COGAT) sent her to the Strip. Later she was collected by a representative of the Palestinian Authority and was reunited with relatives in Gaza the next day. Israel’s human rights group, Hamoked, has released a statement that Israel has deported 27 Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza in 2017.


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