Peace, Development and Human Rights with the students of Leonardo da Vinci High School

On Tuesday 30 January in the main hall of “Leonardo da Vinci” high school within the comprehensive “Da Vinci-Rodari” Institute, a meeting was held with the pupils of the last year of elementary school to discuss the subject of “peace and development”.

The headmistress, Dr Eliana Assunta Valterio invited lawyer Corrado Quinto to share his experiences in the field of promoting human rights, cooperation in development actions and the protection of civilians in areas affected by conflict.

The meeting was the occasion for a real exchange of knowledge and experience with the pupils. According to the interests and curiosity of his audience, Mr Quinto outlined the consequences of conflict on civilian populations with particular reference to countries ranging from Myanmar to Iraq, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Mali, from Colombia to Yemen. This also proved an opportunity for the students to briefly overview their historical and geographical knowledge as they tried to locate in space and time conflicts which have involved civilian populations from the post-war period up to the present day.  

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