Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital: What are the consequences?

Palestinian women protest against USA decision about Jerusalem’s fate Palestinian women protest against USA decision about Jerusalem’s fate Mohammed Salem, Reuters

12 January 2018
Last December, the world was shocked by Trump’s announcement about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognising the Holy city as its capital.

The President’s decision had its roots in domestic policy and it will soon lead to dramatic International consequences.

Moreover, such recognition will not remain asymptomatic and will probably lead to important repercussions within the Middle East; diplomatically speaking, it will surely affect the unravelling of the positive decade-long peace process, it will boost Israel’s confidence and its International stands and it will increase the volatility as well as  the fragility of the region as more actors oppose Trump’s choice.

The aspect everyone is most worried about however, is the humanitarian aspect; how many more victims will yet follow this move? Will this change of course be the spark for the umpteenth struggle between the two nations? The stance taken by the Republican President in December has already resulted in protests and demonstrations by Arabs and Palestinians across the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and other regional major cities; moreover, it risks fuelling further extremism and violence.

Thus, Palestinians, the group more directly and negatively influenced by Trump’s decision, will suffer the impact of renewed conflicts and of Israel’s repression. According to the Guardian, Jerusalem’s mayor stated: “Here in Jerusalem and Israel we applaud the President,” and if people become violent, “they will pay a heavy price”. Shortly afterwards, during the first clashes that followed Trump’s declaration, dozens of Palestinians were wounded and four people killed by Israeli forces. Last but not least, the situation might get worse if and when Hamas and Hezbollah, supported by the Iranian government, take action and opt for confrontation on the matter.


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