Besieged: A 360º experience in Sudan's Nuba Mountains

Human settlements near Nuba mountains, Sudan Human settlements near Nuba mountains, Sudan © OCHA

14 March 2017
A rare film showing life of people besieged in the Nuba mountains.  

In 2011, war broke out between the Sudan government and the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. It disrupted farming in rebel-held areas and, along with poor rains, resulted in poor harvests and skyrocketing prices. The crisis forced more and more people to leave their homes in search of aid. The need for humanitarian aid is greater than ever, but aid access remains blocked. NGOs and journalists cannot access the area.  
This 360º film project was a collaboration between local Nuban organisations and foreign media (TFMdigital with support from Pax Christi) and it gives voice to people besieged in the Nuba Mountains. It is an immersive virtual reality film that takes the viewer into the heart of this besieged area.  
You can watch 360º videos in three ways: by simply altering the position of your phone or tablet or by using your mouse to drag around the scene on your computer. To really bring the content to life, you can use a virtual reality headset. 
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