World: peacebuilding operations need to be reformed

UN Peacekeepers during the operation MINUSMA UN Peacekeepers during the operation MINUSMA © MINUSMA/Harandane Dicko

26 January 2023

Recently, the UN Deputy Secretary-General spoke to the Security Council about the importance of sustainable development in the reestablishment of peace

On the 26th of January 2023, Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed remarked to the Security Council that the maintenance of peace is a core of the United Nations. However, she added some remarkable points talking about civilians’ protection during armed conflict, especially in this period when the war in Ukraine is creating uncountable victims and IDPs. She stated that “People’s sense of safety and security is at a low in almost every country, with six in seven worldwide, plagued by feelings of insecurity”. 

More precisely, it has been underlined that currently a quarter of humanity lives in areas affected by armed conflicts. Concerning this, Amina Mohammed talked about the obstacles that the UN system encountered in the past years in the application of the 2030 Agenda. First of all COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the already precarious situation of many countries affected by armed conflicts, increasing the poverty rate worldwide. Secondly, she outlined the negative repercussions on people caused by the “Lack of development drives grievances” which weakens institutions, and encourages hostilities. She then explained “The triple planetary crisis of biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution does not merely threaten our environment.  It also threatens to unleash destructive forces that drive wedges in our societies”. At this point, the Deputy Secretary-General remarked on the crucial role of women and youth in the processes of peacebuilding. 

Overall, an appeal has been made to the Member States and their governments to implement measures adapted to each type of scenario; such measures must include the involvement of civilians, especially the most vulnerable groups, and the application of good practices for sustainable development.


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By Alexia Tenneriello

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