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You can contribute in different ways to support our work.

Thanks to your regular donations we can better plan most of our research work and actions in the field, relying on a periodic contribution.

If you intend to become a consistent donor of the ANVCG / L’Osservatorio, you can make a recurring donation through a bank or post office.

Please also note that the ANVCG is one of the non for profit organizations that adhere to the initiative, made possible thanks to the Italian Banking Association [ABI], which provides for "the application of the gratuity conditions in favour of customers who make donations to non for profit organizations through domiciliation service banking RID"

Ask your bank if it adheres to the program.

Every single donation can have a significant impact on the research and information work we do.

You too can make a difference: donate now!

You can support our work in different ways, by indicating in the reason for payment "L’Osservatorio"

Bank transfer
You can make a donation through your bank using one of the following bank account:

c.a. number: 000104169324

at UniCredit - Rome branch


IBAN: IT39Y0200803284000104169324

payable to ANVCG - Via Marche, 54-00187 Rome - Italy

Post office account
You can also support us via postal account, addressed to:

c.a. number: 29986007

payable to: ANVCG - Via Marche, 54-00187 Rome - Italy

If you prefer, you can support L’Osservatorio by sending a registered bank or postal check, non-transferable, to:

Via Marche 54

00187 Rome - Italy