More than 40 injured in two explosions in Pattani Thailand

Blast site seen outside of supermarket in Pattani, Thailand May 9, 2017 Blast site seen outside of supermarket in Pattani, Thailand May 9, 2017 Surapan Boonthanom/Reuters

30 September 2017
The ongoing struggle between ethnic Malay rebels and Thai troops over more autonomy has led to violence throughout the region in southern Thailand.

The separatist insurgency that has taken over the region is linked to the outbreak of violence.

On Tuesday May 9th 2017, two separate bombs detonated outside of a shop in the Pattani province located in south Thailand leaving forty people injured and one in serious condition. The first explosive was packed inside a motorcycle parking in a lot and the second explosion, which occurred only five minutes later was a large car bomb. Pattani Police suspect hardline rebels of committing the attack, but a culprit has yet to be identified as the person responsible was believed to have fled the scene before the explosion took place. No deaths have been reported.

Violent attacks in Thailand’s southern regions have intensified over the past few months due to religious conflict between Buddhists and Muslims. While Thailand is mostly Buddhist, parts of the south are predominantly Muslim. In an attack in April, six army rangers were killed in an attack. Overall, shootings and bombs have become a regular occurrence since 2004 and have resulted in the deaths of over 6,500 people. This appears to be the latest attack by Muslim separatists.

The Barsian Revolsui Nasional (BRN) faction is the driving-force of the insurgency led by Malay rebels. The BRN demanded international observers or mediation and protections for Malay-Muslim culture in a conditional offer for peace talks, but the government has rejected the offer.  Defense ministry spokesman Kongcheep Tantrawanit said the government condemned the attack and deems it a grave violation of human rights.


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