Eight Killed During Teacher Protests in Mexico

Demonstrating teachers block a highway in Oaxaca, Mexico Demonstrating teachers block a highway in Oaxaca, Mexico © Luis Alberto Hernandez/AP

20 June 2016
In Oaxaca, Mexico, eight people were killed when teacher protests turned violent.

On Sunday June 19th, teacher protests turned violent, killing eight and injuring over 100 more. The clashes between teachers, the state police, and local residents left 53 civilians and 55 police injured. The anti-riot police had been working to clear the highway that had been blocked by the protesters when violence broke out. Afterwards, unknown armed  individuals, not affiliated with the union, started shooting and throwing Molotov cocktails at both the police and the protesters. Twenty-one people have been arrested so far.

The protesters had been blocking highways with burning tires for the last seven days. The highway is a major link between Oaxaca and Mexico City. This recent protesting started after the recent arrest of two high-level union leaders on charges of corruption. Union members believe the allegations are politically motivated.

In recent months, multiple protests have erupted against education reforms implemented by President Enrique Pena Nieto in 2013. Among the reforms are changes to the way in which teachers’ performance will be evaluated.


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