Sever economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

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26 January 2022

Afghanistan’s economic and humanitarian situation is still cause for great concern, as the United Nations (UN) seek cooperation from the Taliban regime

“Afghans need peace, hope, and help, and they need it now,”  said UN Secretary-General António Guterres, speaking to the Security Council last Wednesday. Stressing the critical need to ensure stability and security in the region. The political and economic crisis of Afghanistan has resulted in severe repercussions on the local population, with human rights progressively deteriorating. Guterres addressed the de facto authorities of the country, the Taliban, urging them to engage in international collaboration against the surge in gender-based violence, terrorism and instability in the region.

With much-needed funding against the surge in poverty being jeopardized by the country’s political insecurity, head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Special Representative Deborah Lyons, emphasized the necessity for the Taliban to undertake a pathway of “clear, mutually understood commitments, with human rights at the forefront, which would result in Afghanistan rejoining the community of nations”. Moreover, Ms. Lyons expressed severe concern in regard to the Taliban regime's reported violations of human rights, such as “killings, enforced disappearances and  [...] detentions of political opponents.”. The rapid crumbling of women’s rights in Afghanistan remains a great cause for alarm, with girls’ education being severely disrupted and several women activists being abducted and since then disappearing. 

A $4.4 billion appeal for the country has been set up by the UN, however, efforts must be made to prevent inappropriate allocation of such resources. It is crucial for the Taliban to initiate dialogue and start collaborating with the international community as soon as possible, rebuilding a relationship of trust and tackling together the extreme political and humanitarian crisis of Afghanistan. 


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Author: Arianna Previtera

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