Syria, government’s raids kill several civilians

Military trucks moving in a moorland Military trucks moving in a moorland Photo by Joel Rivera-Camacho on Unsplash

08 September 2021

Many civilians lost their lives in the aftermath of Government’s indiscriminate attacks in Idlib

 Al Jazeera reported that several civilians have been killed by a series of indiscriminate military attacks perpetrated by the governmental forces and its allies in the Idlib province, situated in north-western Syria and currently controlled by the rebel groups. Salwa Abd Alrahman, an activist operating in the country, referred to Al Jazeera that these attacks have represented the biggest escalation of hostilities of this year so far, intensifying the appalling Syrian humanitarian crisis. These concerns are exacerbated by the steadily growing interference in the conflict by the Russian armies, which are allegedly trying to empty the city and topple the rebel power.

According to the sources of the Syrian Civil Defence, on Wednesday the government armies targeted a medical centre in Marayan, in the Jabal al-Zawiya area in southern Idlib. Additionally, several rockets were launched against civilian populated centres, killing tens of civilians and wounding several others. Amongst the victims, Al Jazeera recalls a volunteer of a search-and-rescue group and the head of accounting department at the Faculty of Economics at Idlib University, Nour el-Din Afair. Such a resurgence of violence has been causing the aggravation of the displacement crisis in the country, with many families losing their houses and the access to fundamental objects and services to survival.   

These military attacks have interrupted a ceasefire between the government forces and the rebels which had been largely respected since 2020. It is now important to immediately pull a plug on this recent escalation of armed clashes, as to enable civilians to quickly recover from the dire impact of this decade-long war.




Author: Gianpaolo Mascaro; Editor: Jasmina Saric

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