Attacks in Syria kill at least 13 children

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18 July 2021

Save the Children condemns attacks against children in Syria

Save the Children reported that, in the aftermath of a new surge of violence in North West Syria, at least 13 children have lost their lives in the last three days. Despite the ceasefire zone in Idlib and Aleppo outskirts, several artillery attacks and shelling have been targeting the civilian population living in these areas, having a terrible effect especially on minors. As reported by Reliefweb, most of the children who fell victims of the armed clashes were aged between four and 14, with the exception of a one-year-old infant who got killed. The situation is even more disheartening as the increasing wave of violence took place in the run up to the Eid al-Adha festivities, plunging children into severe suffering and desperation during a period which was supposed to be characterized by happiness and joy.

As Save the Children’s Response Director Sonia Khush says, the ceasefire agreed by the warring parties has turned out to be nothing more than ink on paper, having no effect whatsoever on the prevention of new airstrikes and shedding of blood in the country. The violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the extermination of lives –including the youngest and most innocent ones- continue on a daily basis, making the achievement of peace appear to be unfeasible.

As a response to this dismaying scenario, Save the Children urges all the parties of the Syrian civil conflict to abide by the IHL principles of precaution, distinction and proportionality while carrying out their military attacks, so that civilians can be finally protected from the atrocities of the hostilities.




Author: Gianpaolo Mascaro; Editor: Jasmina Saric

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