Education still under threat in North West Syria

A view of Aleppo, Syria A view of Aleppo, Syria Photo by Aladdin Hammami on Unsplash

05 May 2021

Attacks on educational facilities have been continuing despite a ceasefire agreed upon in March 2020, reports Save the Children.

Save the Children and its partner Hurras Network have been regularly collecting evidence related to attacks on educational facilities and their effects on children and teachers. While the number of attacks has been declining during the years, nine took place after the announcement of the ceasefire, agreed more than one year ago. Besides the destruction of schools, four children and four staff members have perished. However, the death toll is expected to be higher.

Indeed, 37 attacks have been confirmed since the beginning of 2020, said the non-governmental organization and its partner. The Syria Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism, established by the UN to monitor grave violations of child rights and enhance the accountability of perpetrators, verified a total of 61 attacks across Syria. Airstrikes and artillery shelling are the main causes of damage and destruction of school buildings. These military interventions not only put in danger the lives of children and teachers, but they also comprise one of the primary reasons forcing children to drop out of school.

 The data collected has revealed that relentless attacks and continuous violence on education facilities have put education on a halt, leaving children without a place for their education. According to the United Nations, attacks targeting school buildings are one of the six grave violations committed against children. Sonia Khush, Save the Children’s Syria Response Director, highlighted that schools should be safe havens for children and not zones of war”. The international organization has called on all sides of the conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law, put an end to the targeting of schools and civilian infrastructures, and endorse the Safe Schools Declaration to ensure children’s safety and protection.


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Author: Sofia Antonelli; Editor: Shrabya Ghimire

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