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Syria, an explosion of an improvised device injures three people

Car on fire Car on fire Photo by Dawn Armfield on Unsplash

24 February 2021

Three people were severely injured after the explosion of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afrin city. 

Sources at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) documented that an Improvised Explosive Device, probably made by Olive Branch factions controlling north-western Aleppo, has exploded leaving three injured. The accident was caused by the detonation of an IED in a car in Al-Villat street in Afrin city. No new information on the victims clinical condition was received by the SOHR so far.

Unfortunately, this is just one of a series of accidents that have been reported from Syria due to Improvised Explosive Devices. Indeed, just a day before the Afrin accident, the SOHR was informed that a young man and a girl were killed in an explosion, while they were making an IED in their home in al-Basuta area, near the city of Afrin, which is currently controlled by Turkish forces and their proxy factions north-west of Aleppo.

According to Action on Armed Violence (AoAV), Syria is one of the states most affected by explosive violence, with 86 percent of fatalities between 2011 and 2016 being civilians. Since then, the data have only gotten worse. Unfortunately, due to the ease with which explosives can be produced, almost anything can be made into an IED or a booby trap, which can be found anywhere. Being usually intended to be undetectable and designed to target the unwary, the number of innocent victims fallen to ordnances is significantly high. 


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Author: Benedetta Spizzichino; Editor: Eleonora Gonnelli

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