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Child injured by old mine in eastern Hama

Syrian landscape Syrian landscape Photo by Mohammad Helal on Unsplash

20 February 2021

A young man was severely injured after the explosion of an old landmine nearby Al-Rahjan in Hama’s countryside. 

Sources at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR)  documented that an old landmine left over from the war recently exploded, leaving a young man injured. The accident happened near Al-Rahjan village in the eastern countryside of Hama and the boy was shortly after taken to the hospital. This is just one of a series of accidents that have been reported from Syria due to old unexploded ordinances. Unfortunately Syria has not acceded to the Mine Ban Treaty. Despite expressing concern about the situation of landmine victims, Syria considers the antipersonnel mine as a necessary defensive weapon, however civilians keep dying due to old and new explosives. 

The Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor (LCMM) has reported that “in some of the Syrian-controlled areas, minefields are not well marked or fenced and civilian casualties occur on a regular basis. Civilians sometimes take markers and fences for their own use. The Syrian Army has had to re-fence and re-mark fields several times”.

Sixteen years ago, the United Nations (UN) were already manifesting concrete concerns around the lack of regulation with regards to explosive devices. A June 2004 UN report states that: “Mines continued to pose a threat...this threat has in fact increased.”


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Author: Benedetta Spizzichino; Editor: Eleonora Gonnelli

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