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Syria, a landmine explosion kills one child

A building destroyed by war in Idlib, Syria A building destroyed by war in Idlib, Syria Photo by Ahmed Akacha on Pexels

07 February 2021

Increase in fatalities caused by unexploded bombs and landmines shows ongoing risk to civilians’ lives 

On 7 February 2021, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a United Kingdom-based human rights organisation, reported that a landmine explosion had killed one child, and wounded another. The incident occured in the Jurat al-Arais neighbourhood, in Homs, an area controlled by regime forces. 

Just one day prior to the explosion, SOHR had reported that a civilian had been wounded in an explosion caused by an old mine in the village of Bahloniya, in western Homs. Throughout the country, an increasing number of incidents have been documented of civilians coming into contact with landmines and unexploded bombs, including in Aleppo, Hama Deir Ezzor, and southern Syria.

Since January 2019, SOHR has documented 427 fatalities arising from incidents of this kind. Among those killed were 139 children and 71 women. A significant number of these deaths, 45 in total, occurred while people were searching for truffles. As many have lost their livelihoods due to the war, truffle picking has contributed to the aid of these families. The high price at which truffles can be sold, which can amount to 6,000 Syrian pounds, coupled with the unstable conditions in the country, is pushing civilians to put their lives at risk in order to collect them. 



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Author: Alessia Rossinotti; Editor: Alexander Collin

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