A further outbreak of violence in Algeria

Burning vehicle following a deadly explosion. Burning vehicle following a deadly explosion. Photo by deepspace on iStock

14 January 2021

A roadside bomb explosion in eastern Algeria killed several civilians and injured others.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, a roadside homemade bomb exploded on Thursday 14 January 2021, in the region of Tebessa. The attack struck a passing vehicle and caused several casualties among the passengers. Furthermore, the statement continues by describing this attack as the deadliest in recent years against civilians.

The incident took place in Oueid Khenig-Roum, near the district of Telidjane, about 573 km from the country's capital, Algiers. The victims of the attack were aboard the car when it exploded, killing five people and injuring three more. The same statement reported the killing of a man belonging to an armed group in the nearby region of Khenchela. This episode is part of the counter-terrorism operations carried out by the Algerian National People's Army (ANP). However, it has not yet been possible to establish whether there is a connection between these two events.

 Although violence has become less frequent since the end of the war, the terrorist threat continues in the remote areas of the country. In fact, although sporadic, the attacks are still extremely violent and harmful to the civilian population. Earlier this month, according to Ministry reports, six fighters and three Algerian soldiers were killed, in addition, in December during a clash in the Jijel region, the ANP claimed to have arrested a very dangerous terrorist, in the course of its anti-terrorism operations.

Concerning Thursday's attack, Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the ANP, expressed his solidarity to the victims’ families and urged citizens to be more careful in their movements and to avoid potential suspicious places.


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Author: Francesca Mencuccini; Editor: Carla Leonetti

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