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Israeli air raids injured two people in the Gaza Strip

Warplanes Warplanes Photo by Ian Cumming on Unsplash

26 December 2020

At least two Palestinians were injured in the Israeli attack against Hamas in the Gaza Strip

The attack took place on Saturday, 26 December, when Israeli warplanes fired a series of missiles into the Gaza Strip, injuring a six-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man. The attack also resulted in damage to a children's hospital, a centre for disabled people and several houses.

Israel claimed that the attacks came after two missiles were fired from Gaza and landed in open areas of southern Israel. In response, Israeli warplanes fired five missiles at the Palestinian organisation Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip, towards the locations at east of the Tuffah district of Gaza City. The fire from the airstrike was extinguished by firefighters who worked throughout the night. As a result of the attacks, the electricity was also cut off in several areas east of Gaza.

However, no Palestinian group in Gaza claimed responsibility for the rocket launch. The attacks ended the late September ceasefire truce, and as a result Hamas accused Israel of not fully respecting the agreement. Israel, which considers Hamas a "terrorist" organisation, eschews direct negotiations and has never publicly acknowledged the September truce. Saturday's attack is the third strike that Israel has launched against the Gaza Strip since 2008 and contributes to intensifying clashes between the two sides.


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Author: Carla Pintor

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