Yemen, MSF records increasing numbers of war-traumas

MSF hospital in the town of Mocha MSF hospital in the town of Mocha Hareth Mohammed/ MSF

14 December 2020

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported a rise in numbers of civilians in need of war-trauma surgery suggesting an escalation of the Yemeni conflict

Since October, 122 war-wounded patients have been treated at the MSF trauma hospital in the town of Mocha. However, MSF has treated more than 80,000 injured patients across Yemen since the conflict began in 2015. Furthermore, in the last week of November there has been an increase in the numbers of war-trauma, with women and children being the more targeted. For instance, the MSF hospital has received seven civilians wounded by an explosion of a roadside bomb and two children injured by a detonation of an unexploded munition.

As a result, the rise in influxes of patients to MSF’s hospital is the evidence of the renewed violence in the south of Hudaydah Port on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast where there is the most active conflict of the region. Furthermore, despite the levels of violence being reduced after the ceasefire established in 2018 with the Stockholm Agreement, later on the implementation of the pact has stalled and, since then, 1.249 people have been injured or killed.   

Moreover, due to the blockage of roads, humanitarian aids are struggling to bring support to people who are already suffering from a hunger crisis. Indeed, this new escalation is hitting a country in which already 13,5 million people are at risk of starvation. As a result, the situation in Yemen is catastrophic and the conflict is the main cause of the hunger crisis. 


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Author: Eleonora Gonnelli; Editor: Benedetta Spizzichino

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