Yemen faces new casualties amidst humanitarian crisis

IDP camp in Yemen IDP camp in Yemen UNICEF/Alessio Romenzi

18 October 2020

In the recent fighting, Yemen has foreseen an increase in casualties while facing the dilemma of humanitarian assistance shortage and looming famine

Hudaydah and Taizz in Yemen have experienced a drastic increase of civilian losses in the recent fighting. Since the end of September, four civilians have been killed and 28 injured, including the injuries of one girl and four men in Al Manqam, and Al Jariah villages. The assaults have also destroyed Al Thakafa school and damaged Mandhar health center. On Saturday 17 October, Lise Grande, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, condemned the killings in her statement. “Innocent Yemenis continue to die and suffer because of this terrible war,” she said. 

Grande expressed her condolences to the grieving families who also face the problems of famine and shortage of assistance due to the humanitarian funding running out. She added that the parties which had taken up arms would be legally and morally responsible for doing their best to guarantee protection over civilians and ensure they receive assistance they are entitled to. “There are political options on the table to end the fighting and move to political dialogue. With famine looming and funding running out, the parties have to find the strength and courage to do this,” Grande said.

Fueled by years of conflict, spread of diseases, economic downfall, and instability of public institutions and services, Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Over 24 million of its population require humanitarian assistance and protection, including the 12.2 million children. 69 percent of the country’s districts are still at risk of famine. Humanitarian funding continues to become a challenge since, as of mid-October, only $1.4 billion of assistance has been received in 2020 out of the $3.2 billion needed.


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Author: Matthew Burgos

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