Yemen: the conflict does not subside

First-hand image of the local Marib school after the missile strike First-hand image of the local Marib school after the missile strike

27 September 2020

A local elementary school in Yemen was severely damaged by a Houthi missile attack

In the latest development of the ongoing Yemeni conflict, a new civilian target was confirmed to be hit. This time, it was a local elementary school in the town of Marib. Yemen’s information minister, Muammar Al-Eryani, condemned the attack blaming the Houthis of having launched the missile on September 26th. The Yemeni Army spokesperson, Brigadier Abduh Mujalli, stated that thankfully all of the students exited the building several minutes before the strike occurred. 

Despite that there were not any reported casualties, several people were injured because of the impact’s shockwaves. Yemeni intelligence also reported that the Houthi militia wanted to cause the largest number of casualties among civilians in the area. According to Al-Eryani, the aggressors wanted to execute a resounding attack in retaliation to the upcoming celebration of the September 26th Yemeni revolution. 

Yemeni authorities also claim that the international community has been silent on emphatically condemning the recent spike in Houthi’s attacks.  More specifically, Al-Eryani labeled the United Nations Security Council’s lack of action as “shameful.” He also mentioned that if a concrete plan is not thought out by the Security Council, the Houthis will continue to feel emboldened. Al-Eryani urged Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, to not turn a blind eye to the current situation in order to avoid further bloodshed. 


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Author: Sergio Gomez

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