Montreux meeting: resumption of the peace process for Libya?

Meeting between the libyan politicians Meeting between the libyan politicians Al Arabiya

10 September 2020

The meeting between Libyan political parties signs the beginning of the preparatory phase aimed to the achievement of a global deal

On 7-9 September, with the auspices of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), the representatives of Libyan political parties met in Montreux (Switzerland) to relaunch the peace process outlined with the ceasefire declarations of 21 August.

This meeting ended with the emanation of a series of recommendations that will be discussed in the future during the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, with the UNSMIL’s auspice. In particular, the representatives agreed on the following points: 1) holding the parliamentary and presidential elections within eighteen months after the creation of the required conditions; 2) recostructured the Executive Authority to consist of a Presidency Council and a Government of National Unity, whom members will be elected by the Lybian Political Dialogue Forum; 3) the periodically monitoring of the Executive Authority’s performance carried out by the Lybian Political Dialogue Forum, which has to nominate the government by taking into consideration the social, political and geographic differences in Libya; 4) calling the High Council of State and the House of Representatives to assign positions within the sovereign institutions and define the electoral process within a reasonable period of time; 5) to never forget the importance of national and social reconciliation.

Finally, the representatives of the political parties expressed their hope for a resumption of the work of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, by asking the international community to assume its responsibilities and commit itself to ensuring stability and peace in Libya «not only in words but also in deeds».


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Author: Antonella Palmiotti

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