Dozens of people were killed and injured by al-Shabaab in Somalia

Civilian casualties because of the terrorism in Somalia Civilian casualties because of the terrorism in Somalia Reuters

05  September 2020 

Somali villagers have fought against al-Shabaab jihadists and loose their lives in order to defend their livestock

Although the presence of the qaedist group al-Shabaab has been reduced in the major urban centers of Somalia, the rural areas of central and southern Somalia are still under its tight control and therefore subject to continuous terrorist attacks that mostly target politicians, government officials and security forces.

In particular, in the village of Shabeelow, located in the region of Galmudug, for many years al-Shabaab has been exerting brutal pressure on the inhabitants to force them to abandon everything and join the armed jihad against the infidels. The people, tired and exhausted by this situation, have taken up arms to fight against the jihadist militants attempting to defend their livestock. Thus, five hours of fierce fighting have inflamed Somalia on the 4th of September: 30 people lost their lives, 16 members of the terrorist organization and 14 villagers; and many others were seriously injured and then hospitalized in the nearby town of Galkayo. The numbers of victims, however, should not be misleading, because although the Somalis reported fewer losses, they did not get rid of al-Shabaab's rule, which could probably launch an attack soon.

Local elders, in behalf of the entire community, have called on the federal government’s authorities to provide the inhabitants with a huge contingent of weapons to allow personal defence and to raise the level of security in the whole region to ensure the good of all citizens, especially those who are most at risk living in areas subject to terrorism and crime.


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Author: Antonella Palmiotti

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