UNAMID expresses its concern about violent attacks in North Darfur

UNAMID peacekeepers dispatched to Kutum town to assess the security situation UNAMID peacekeepers dispatched to Kutum town to assess the security situation UNAMID

14 July 2020

UNAMID is deeply concerned about the attacks occurred in Kutum town and Fata Borno IDP camp on 12 and 13 July

The joint United Nations and African Union mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has condemned the violence in Sudan’s North Darfur province. Indeed, on 12 July and on the morning of 13 July two violent incidents erupted in Kutum town and Fata Borno internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp. 

The attack on the Fata Borno Camp was carried out by unidentified armed men and provoked the death of 9 IDPs and the wounding of 20 people. These people were protesting to call for better conditions, an end to attacks by armed groups and a civilian state government, given that State governor positions are held by military officers. Peaceful sit-ins have arisen in towns across Darfur and in other parts of Sudan. An UNAMID patrol team managed to enter the camp, recover the corps of the victims and evacuate the critically injured people.

The conflict in Darfur started in 2003 after mostly non-Arab rebels rose up against the central Karthoum government. Around 300, 000 people were killed in the conflict, according to UN estimates. Although levels of violence have decreased since the signing of a peace agreement in early 2016, tensions remain high in Darfur, and the region continues to present a range of significant security challenges.

In the statement released on 13 July, the peacekeeping mission condemned the loss of life and regretted that the incidents have taken place while the transitional government of Sudan and the armed movements are close to concluding negotiations expected to bring peace and stability. The mission also deplored the physical damage to government buildings and private property “caused by such violent acts”. In order to prevent further deadly violence, UNAMID has been working with Sudanese authorities and communities to reduce tensions, has incremented the number of police units and is trying to ensure the safety of the IDP.


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Author: Leyla El Matouni

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