UN-Security Council prolongs UNAMID and creates UNITAMS in Sudan

UNAMID Blue Helmets talk with two children in Sudan UNAMID Blue Helmets talk with two children in Sudan UN Photo/Albert González Farran

09 June 2020

Two resolutions issued by the Security Council aim at security restoration and promotion of democracy in Sudan

The United Nations Security Council issued on 4 June two resolutions extending the mandate of the already operating UNAMID (UN-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur) and establishing a new political mission (UNITAMS – United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan) in Sudan. The ongoing pandemic was among motives for the prolonging of UNAMID, since according to United Nations estimates 9.3 million people are currently requiring humanitarian assistance in the country and the insecure situation could affect the achievements of the mission in recent years.

The Darfur conflict originated in 2003 after the rebellion of ethnic Africans accusing the Arab-led Sudanese government of discrimination. During the autocratic government of former president Omar al-Basir the Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan States were stage to bloodstained rebellions and civil war. Following mass street protests throughout 2018-2019 al-Basir was dislodged by the military. Last year, an agreement was signed by protesters and the military creating a joint ruling council, though civilians still struggle to assert authority. The three-decade long al-Basir regime, sanctioned by the international community for its conduct, deeply affected the economic and security conditions of the country. 

The UN-Security Council established UNAMID in 2007 with a civilians-protection mandate and in 2019 has extended for another year its presence in Darfur, in order to restore peace and security. The 4 June resolution has prolonged the mission for further six months, halting its draw-down. Furthermore, the Security Council created with a second resolution the civilian follow-up mission UNITAMS with the initial duration of one year, supporting the political transition of Sudan towards a democratic governance, together with the objectives of peacebuilding, conflict prevention and the participation of the civil society in the political institutions.


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Author: Ludovica Di Gregorio

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