Boko Haram Attacked a Shia Muslim Procession and Two Markets in Nigeria

Many families had fled to Kano in the wake of Boko Haram's activity further north. Many families had fled to Kano in the wake of Boko Haram's activity further north. © Getty

27 November 2015
Boko Haram continues to inflict deadly attacks on civilians throughout Nigeria.

Boko Haram executed three suicide bombings in Nigeria throughout the month of November. A bomb detonated at a public market in Maiduguri, which injured 66 civilians and killed 11 others. Within 24 hours of that explosion, two other suicide bombings were executed at a phone market in Kano. The attack injured over 123 people and killed 15 others.

On  November 27th, the Kano region suffered an additional attack when the extremist group targeted the Shia Muslim annual procession. The seven-day annual event commemorates Imam Hussein, an important figure in the Shia Muslim religion. A suicide bomb detonated amongst thousands of religious followers traveling from Kano to Zaria. The explosion killed 21 people and left more injured.

Boko Haram has increased it attacks in Nigeria over the past year, despite the Nigerian government gaining significant control of Boko Haram territory since January —with the military support of Cameroon, Chad, Benin, and Niger. As a result, the extremist group has retaliated with numerous suicide bombings targeting civilians. The group has also pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Amnesty International estimated the terrorist group has been responsible for the deaths of 20.000 people over the past six years in Nigeria alone. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, who was sworn in in May this year, vowed to eliminate Boko Haram in Nigeria by the end of 2015. However, the goal is unlikely to be achieved by the designated deadline.


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