Palestinian Teen Shot After Throwing a Bomb at Israeli Troops

Violence between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at Tareq Badwan’s funeral Violence between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at Tareq Badwan’s funeral Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP

11 February 2020

19-year-old Badr Nafla was shot dead after reportedly throwing a Molotov Cocktail at Israeli Troops

On February 7, Badr Nafla was at a funeral service for Tareq Badwan, a Palestinian who was killed by Israeli troops the day before. The Israel Defense Forces claim Nafla’s shooting was prompted by him throwing a Molotov Cocktail at police officers during the service. Nafla was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Palestinian protests have surged in light of US President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan that was regarded by critics as favoring the Israeli’s while hurting Palestinians. Some of those protests have led to the deaths of Palestinian citizens and violence against Israeli soldiers. On February 6, Tareq Badwan, a Palestinian police officer, who appeared to be doing nothing to warrant attack on video footage, was shot and killed by Israeli forces. Israelis claim that his death occurred in “unclear circumstances” that will be under investigation. The next day, a large funeral service was held for Badwan in which protestors draped Badwan’s body in flags and chanted, “a million martyrs are marching toward Jerusalem.” It was during this funeral procession that Nafla allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli forces and was shot and killed.

Nafla’s shooting brings the number of Palestinian deaths since Trump’s plan to a total of five casualties. Jared Kushner, the chief architect of Trump’s plan, says that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who called for street protests in response to the plan, “does have a responsibility” for the increase in violence. Saeb Erekat, Palestine’s chief negotiator, however, says that Kushner only blames Abbas because, “according to those like him, our mere existence and rights ... are the problem.” 


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Author: Noelle Musolino; Editor: Vito Quaglia

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